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15 October 2009

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3 October 2009

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The Picasso
2 October 2009

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28 September 2009

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26 September 2009

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A spud by any other name...
24 September 2009

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Nothin' like a little dip...
23 September 2009

Recent Comments

Dede on Abandoned Gate
Come on, warm weather!

Dede on Capitol St @ Night
nice pic of Capitol Street! I love it.

Marilyn Buckland on Road To Pali
Alicia, I remember the first timme I saw the mountains in Hawaii!beautiful, They look like a giant has taken his ...

Myrna Mackenzie on Capitol St @ Night
I was clicking through your photos and this one made me stop in my tracks. I really like the halo effects and the way ...

Twinklestamper on Luau III!

Nance E on Luau III
Nice night shot.

Curly on Luau III
Now that's what I call a risky routine.

Curly on Luau II
Judging by the physiques Twinkelstamper may well be right.

Twinklestamper on Luau II
love those skinned up knees...he must play football in his down time! What a fun image!

Rags on Luau
She has a lovely looking flower and seems to be having fun dancing.

Nance E on Luau
Very pretty, Lish. Where is the pic of you doing this? I thought everyone who goes to Hawaii has to learn to hula.

Twinklestamper on Road To Pali
Great image! They are looks as if you are standing inside a volcano that has been overgrown with green.

Nance E on Road To Pali
Nice 'green' shot! Like the colors.

Twinklestamper on From Here To Eternity
I love the sea glass blue color of the water....lovely image.

Curly on Mick Jones still rocks with the best of them!
Sorry, my mistake it was Mick Taylor who was with the Stones, and yes I can remember Foreigner, well I can remember ...

BJ on From Here To Eternity
nice shot, I visited this spot too but didn't see it from this angle

Curly on Mick Jones still rocks with the best of them!
The only Mick Jones I can remember was with The Rolling Stones. Not the same man is it?

BJ on Mick Jones still rocks with the best of them!
very well done shot

Twinklestamper on Capitol St @ Night
like the's a lonely street at night though!

Twinklestamper on The Need For Speed
wow...great capture!

Kristen Piece Jones - ArtPatch on Capitol St @ Night
nice job. dont worry about equipment- just shoot with what you have and do the best you can. keep up the good work.

Curly on The Need For Speed
A definite feeling for the speed and fury of the event.

Twinklestamper on I always feel like...somebody's watching me!!!!
funny...those eyes are a riot!

k@ on I always feel like...somebody's watching me!!!!
:)))))))) °^° 0_° Super cute !

daniela scharnowski on I always feel like...somebody's watching me!!!!
my favourite cartoon character =) meoww ;D

Macrobaby on Full Moon II
This is wonderful and I have been trying to capture the same type of image. I think I might need a filter or something ...

Macrobaby on Love Me!
That wouldn't be hard to do now would it! What a cutie.

Nance E on Love Me!
Boy, has he grown!

Twinklestamper on Love Me!
Oh I LOVE him!!!!!

Shailaja on Love Me!
so lovable! :)

Bill Brown on Full Moon II
The camera just records what the eye and mind of the photographer conceives. Very nice shot!

Twinklestamper on Full Moon (11/2/09)
Nice...too bad no owls came in to have their picture taken!

Twinklestamper on Rose
Yes!!!!! Gorgeous!

Curly on Rose
Very beautiful with just enough light and shade to speak to us.

Didier DE ZAN on Rose

Michael Skorulski on Rose
A beautiful compelling image. Nice work, Lish.

Jeff on Rose
De-lish-ous color. I like the softness of this image too.

Nance E on River Walk
Lovin your pics of home! Great color. We're still not there yet. Nice composition.

Twinklestamper on Autumn
I like it very much...

Twinklestamper on Change
Yes! Fall is here!

Twinklestamper on River Walk
love, love the wonderful yellow.... nice!

BJ on River Walk
very pretty, love the light on the tree

Tim on River Walk
Nice composition: lighting, depth of field, colors. :)

Deb on Tower
that's in Eden Park on Cincinnati's east side.

Ana Lúcia on Change
Powerful yellow, appealing composition.

Nance E on Autumn
Nice picture. I like the way the sun is coming through the tree.

Twinklestamper on Capitol
Love that dome!

BJ on Capitol
nice shot, impressive building

Twinklestamper on Capitol
So pretty! Great framing!

Curly on Capitol
Nicely framed shot, good colour and contrast.

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